All that we share

08 February 2017 | Billy Thompson

As we all know, there’s a lot of hate in the world. Turning on the news to see scenes of war, terrorist attacks and acts of discrimination is nothing new.

It seems the world is divided by everyone’s beliefs and views, but maybe there's more that brings us together than we think.

Well that’s what Danish TV network, TV2, is saying.

The TV network has released a 3-minute-long advert, with the title ‘All That We Share’. In the advert, different groups of people are stood in different sections of the room, all facing each other.

The groups all have an opposite group to one another. For example, one of the groups featured in the ad are high-earning business people. Their opposite group are people who are just getting by. There’s a group of people you’d trust (nurses) and then there’s people you’d try to avoid (all of which are guys covered in tattoos who are darkly dressed). There’s immigrants and then there’s people who have lived in Denmark their whole lives.

The point of the advert is to gather people who live different lifestyles to each other. The groups are then all asked questions, and to step forward if it applies to them. There are some funny questions, like ‘Who loves to dance?’ and some more personal ones like ‘Who has been bullied before?’.

Of course, lots of different people step forward, showing we all have a lot more in common than we might think.

The advert is really effective and has been talked about a lot on social media.

Well done, TV2! It’s nice to see something so positive during this negative time that we are living in.