Advent calendar showdown

03 November 2016 | Tom Carter

German supermarket Aldi, famous for having incredibly low prices is now up against Harrods, a brand often regarded the height of luxury, in a battle of…advent calendars.

Now, it’s only early November, so before you engage in anti-early Christmas fume, hear me out.

Aldi, surprisingly, is attempting to cut the Christmas cost with an advent calendar worth £8.99. That might sound fairly pricey at first when you consider a Cadbury’s chocolate one is only about a fiver. But consider this…Harrods has announced its selling its calendar for…£64.95! That’s a difference of a whopping £55.96.

You may think, looking at those figures, that the Harrods calendar must be an all singing, all dancing, work of art. But, far from it, when you look at them side by side, they are pretty much exactly the same – practically identical.

The “luxury” calendar was designed by Gisela Graham and is described as “charming” and a “sophisticated decoration”. But, I’m not sure about paying £64.95 for something “charming” that only comes out the loft once a year.

Aldi, on the other hand, has said that its advent calendar is one part of its “Luxury Winter Home Collection” which also has a Table Top Tree, a Wreath and some ornaments. However, the whole collection is still worth less than Harrods’ advent calendar.

In my opinion the advent calendar can only be justified as worth more if it was made with some exotic material that can only be found in one particular forest under the light of a waxing gibbous moon. But apparently they’re made out of the same wood too!

This is great PR for Aldi as people hearing about this will flock straight to the store if they want a ‘charming,’ ‘sophisticated decoration’ for a calendar – at a much cheaper price.

Can the difference in advent calendar prices be justified? Not really. But if anyone has enough money to waste on an overpriced calendar then I’m sure they’re happy to be associated with the Harrods prestige. It’s probably good PR for Harrods in that respect!