About those ants...

About those ants...

21 July 2015 | Pic PR

Considering you could barely see this PR stunt, it seemed to be a success (if you had excellent eye sight, you were most likely a winner).

A new film has been released, Ant-Man starring Michael Douglas. “Ant-Man” is titled so because he is, and I quote, “armed with a suit that allows him to shrink in size, possess superhuman strength and control an army of giant ants.”

Well, it’s certainly a film my inner child is desperate to see!

The PR for a new film release opens up a world of creative opportunity. Go big or go home? Not in this case. The Ant-Man crew opted for the obvious and went small, tiny, ant sized even…

If you had your magnifying glass, spectacles or contacts with you last week you may have spotted some very small “ant-sized” cinema tickets dotted around the country. You see what they did there…?

Truly testing your observation skills, their PR team dotted 100 tiny cinema tickets around London, Birmingham and Manchester. Measuring at just 5x10mm, roughly the size of sim-card, they were really hard to spot.

Thankfully, they were kind enough to leave a magnifying glass nearby to help potential winners and to make sure the hunt didn’t last for days!

With something so small and so easy to walk by, IMAX tweeted clues to the locations to help lucky winners on their way. Of course, this was paired with some blatant signage to ensure all tickets were claimed.

Alongside the miniature ticket treasure hunt was Britain’s smallest art exhibition, titled “Antsibition”, featuring some microscopic works of art.

Excited winners were encouraged to Tweet a selfie when they found a ticket. This obviously helped to promote the film even further, and the day before it was released was the prime time for a last minute boost.

So, that’s the beauty of PR, you never know what stunt might crop up next. Look a little closer or a little higher and see what you can discover…!