A sweet engagement

08 February 2018 | Aaron Wise

You’ve just got home from work on Valentine’s Day, but it’s also hump day (Wednesday) and you’re tired, haven’t booked anywhere for a romantic dinner with your other half, or even had time to get them anything for the special occasion. What do you do?

You nervously laugh off that you may have forgotten to plan/buy them anything as they present you with an amazing gift and thoughtful card. They’ve put so much effort in and are now standing in front of you waiting for something in return… still waiting.

You’re in the pressure cooker, but then, Eureka! You remember that bargain you bought the other day. No dog house for you tonight.

So you fetch it, confront your lover and get down on one knee. They know what is coming and burst into tears. And that’s when you present it. It’s so big and shiny! But that’s because it’s a glazed dougnut

What do you think happens in the story next?

Whether they say yes or no (why not give it a go yourself on Wednesday night), this is a REAL, fun, light-hearted and effective PR stunt by Deliveroo and Doughnut Time.

They’ve collaborated ahead of Valentine’s Day to create two luxury, edible rings – one is even inspired by Megan Markles engagement ring!

What says ‘marry me’ better than a regal gold doughnut and a sparkling, strawberry flavoured diamond?

And at just £9.50 it’s surely the bargain of the century. Does your other half like both doughnuts and weddings? Sorted.

This is another example of a clever collaboration causing a media storm with a simple and fun stunt.

Thinking about it, I haven’t got my girlfriend anything for Valentine’s yet…

Thanks Deliveroo and Doughnut Time, you may have just spared my blushes this Wednesday.