A Stella performance

05 October 2018 | Becky White

The typical Brit’s lifestyle is jam-packed with responsibilities, errands, a full-time job… without leaving room for much else. Finding the time for a social life and doing things we enjoy isn’t always an easy task. This week, in its Joie de Bière (or Joy of Beer) campaign, Stella Artois is encouraging people to make time for the important things – and really enjoy them – without succumbing to modern day distractions.

In a world where, arguably, we are so easily distracted by the wrong things (such as constantly scrolling on social media), Stella Artois is urging the public to spend more time doing the things that matter – like sipping on great quality beer with a group of friends. Belgium is home to Stella Artois and is the epitome of the ‘Joie de Bière’ lifestyle. In a bid to instil this way of living into the lives of the British, bartenders across the country have been offering passers-by free cups of Stella Artois beer. The cups resemble those of takeaway coffee cups – but are, in fact, made of a material that quickly disintegrates – leaving drinkers with an unexpected surprise - highlighting just why certain things in life aren’t supposed to be rushed.

Stella’s campaign doesn’t end there. Its passion for the Belgian lifestyle continues into its TV advert which features a man rushing into a bar – whilst talking on two phones. He finally puts them away in his pockets (hence the name ‘Les Pockets’), after being served a fresh glass of Stella beer.

This campaign falls appropriately in line with the current craze of meditation and mindfulness; two practises which aim to focus the mind on one thing – whilst cutting out all other distractions. Stella Artois aims to reduce the time people are spending on their phones in bars, cafés and other social places – and instead, being present and conversing with other fellow beer-drinkers.

Enjoying the little things is something we, as a society, used to be really good at – before phones came in to play. It’s not uncommon these days to see people scrolling on their phones in bars and cafés – not really taking in who they’re with or what they’re drinking. If Stella’s campaign can re-teach people to appreciate the little things, then I, for one, would consider that a triumph.