A Royal Proposal

28 November 2017 | Lloyd Hughes

The rumour mill has been whirring these past few weeks about a Prince Harry proposal.

The big giveaway for me was when bookmakers stopped taking odds. Those crafty old foxes have an uncanny knack of knowing what’s going on behind the scenes. So it seemed confirmation of a proposal was imminent…and low and behold it was.

Prepare now for a deluge of speculative articles ahead of the wedding!

It’s already begun, with articles appearing commenting on their possible future home, the day itself, Meghan’s potential Royal title, her family background and relationships, while bookmakers are now jumping back in on the act and offering odds on a baby next year. The top stories on most of the national outlets, all revolve around the engagement story.

If Meghan Markle thought the Royal spotlight was intense up until now, the temperature under its glow is sure to go up several notches over the next few months.

Meghan’s private life has already been raked over extensively, but now every tiny remaining detail will be pored over.

In the relationship’s infancy, Harry had to come out and implore with the media to stop intruding in Meghan’s private life, specifically condemning perceived negative comments on Meghan’s ethnicity.

As a celebrity in her own right, Meghan will be used to attention so it will at least have given her some insight into what to expect. But the comparatively carefree days of a relatively minor celebrity will pale next to her Royal duties.

I am actually surprised by the speed of the engagement. They’ve been dating for a year to a year and a half, but is that long enough under the glare for Meghan to be truly comfortable? It was something that previous girlfriends of Harry, such as Chelsy Davy, buckled under.

Harry has been, somewhat reluctantly, at the centre of public attention his entire life. Despite the riches and privilege, I often feel sorry for both Harry and William. They had fame and fortune thrust upon them by an accident of birth rather than choice. For Meghan though, while embracing it through choice (if love is a choice), the magnitude of the public appraisal is something new to grasp.

I often make reference to being an unashamed fan of the monarchy, so I certainly wish Prince Harry and Meghan Markle all the best for the future. Let’s just hope they can cope with the enhanced scrutiny and enjoy a long and happy life together.