A pizza the action

28 November 2017 | Liz Bowen

Aaaah, Christmas. The biggest marketing ploy of them all. From adverts to songs, to the latest winter blockbuster to brand new products perfect for placing under the tree, it’s no secret that brands jump on the festive season like Buster the Boxer jumped on that trampoline in last year’s John Lewis ad.

With the battle for the best Christmas ad now officially over and all (Christmas) cards laid on the table, what else is there for a brand to do to keep their name in the press until 25 December?

Well, if you’re a supermarket, you stick to what you know and launch a food product that is sure to get people debating whether it’s going to be delicious or disgusting.

Asda has just done that by launching a Christmas dinner pizza which will be available in stores from 7 December.

Topped with chicken, roast potatoes and Brussels sprouts and drizzled with cranberry sauce, the pizza is sure to divide opinion. Having been dubbed a “festive feast with none of the fuss”, many will surely be up in arms – where’s the turkey? What about the pigs in blankets? The stuffing? The gravy?

Proper traditionalists of course will lament the fact that a Christmas dinner has ended up on an Italian classic at all, but for others, conversation has turned to just how tempted they are to try it.

Needless to say, Asda has found itself back in the headlines as the debate rages on – surely the aim whenever a brand launches such a ‘controversial’ product.

We’re used to the annual supermarket Christmas sandwich, evoking feelings of nostalgia until Boxing Day comes around and we can legitimately make our own. But a gimmick such as this is a light-hearted way of staying firmly on the back of that festive bandwagon.