A meaty treat

03 May 2018 | Aaron Wise

Instantly recognisable from the big-hitting celebrity cast, iconic New York apartment and that annoyingly catchy theme tune, Friends is arguably the most popular sitcom ever.

Despite the much-loved 90s comedy finishing almost 14 years ago, I imagine almost everyone in the UK has, and still watches, the complete box set. After all, the show really is a pop culture phenomenon.

And in the latest bid to let die hard fans relive the glory days of the show, Deliveroo has launched the 'Regina Phalange' pop-up restaurant in London, where diners will be served only one dish; Rachel Green’s infamous Thanksgiving Meat and Sweet Trifle.

To mark the anniversary of the sitcom's final episode which aired on Sunday, May 6th, the online food delivery giant has created a £6 duplicate of the iconic desert, which Rachel concocted when she mixed-up two recipes that were stuck together in a cookbook.

If the combination of lady fingers, jam, custard, raspberries, bananas, sautéed beef with peas and onions doesn't put you off like the other Friends characters - who resorted to hiding the trifle - you're sure to enjoy a meaty treat!

This is a great PR stunt by Deliveroo which has used one of the most loved shows in TV history to its advantage.

But fans will have to be quick, as the dish will only be on sale tomorrow (May 4th) from 9pm until stocks last.

Despite the concept of beef and trifle sounding quite disgusting, I'm sure the desserts will dwindle fairly quickly. If I was in London this weekend, I would be too curious not to tuck into the stomach-curdling treat!

Deliveroo has been enjoying a lot of PR success as of late and its recent campaigns are certainly effective. This is another string to its bow and I'm already looking forward to its next stunt!