A great boss for great employees

13 May 2016 | Abbie-Jaye Wilson

Tiens, a Chinese multinational conglomerate is passionate about rewarding its employees for hard work and puts pretty much every other office outings to shame.

3,000 employees were whisked away by their big-hearted boss, Li Jinyuan, on an all-expenses paid trip to Madrid and Barcelona. 2,000 hotel rooms, 70 flights and 80 coaches were needed to organise the trip, accumulating to an astonishing total of £15million spent by the generous boss.

Not only were families allowed to join the trip, they got to celebrate the firms 21st birthday in Madrid and eat more than 200 pans of paella, along with an outrageous amount of sangria.

Some employees weren’t able to make the trip, due to VISA issues. Nevertheless, they were generously treated to a trip to Bali. And that was the secondary option! Nice.

Blue hats, blue shirts and very large Tiens flags bombarded the streets of Barcelona, creating a great company presence in this world famous city.

In my eyes, the boss has pleased every employee but has also gained some fantastic PR (although maybe not £15m’s worth), showing off the friendly company ethos by proving hard work and dedication really does pay off. Not only will he benefit from soaring employee motivation, he’s raised the profile of his business worldwide, so the incredibly benevolent gesture certainly works both ways.

I imagine the Tiens career section on its website will be permanently ‘under maintenance’ due to the sheer amount of interest in working there. In hindsight, why wouldn’t you want to work for an employee focused company, which gifts your hard work by taking you abroad, buying you BMWs and other extravagant gifts?

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m just off for a word with David…