A German Team

01 November 2016 | Billy Thompson

A recent Twitter post has gone viral, that showed a picture of a sign outside a pub in Glasgow advertising a football game.

The game being advertised was Celtic vs Borussia Monchengladbach. The person who had the simple job of writing the team names on the sign, seemingly failed as ‘Monchengladbach’ was apparently too tough to spell.

Instead, the author, after several ‘failed’ attempts, drew a line through them (it was a standard chalkboard) and opted for the easier term ‘A German Team’.

I personally found this hilarious as it sums up British people quite well when it comes to foreign language – typically useless.

Borussia Monchengladbach clearly found the tweet funny, as they quickly took full advantage of the viral joke, changing their own Twitter handle to ‘A German Team’ and even using it on their team-sheets across their social media accounts.

But the joke didn’t stop there, as the club produced souvenir scarves with the 'Gladbach crest and the classic (if you count last week as classic) strapline; ‘A German Team’.

The scarves proved very popular amongst fans, so popular, in fact, that the club’s head of corporate communications, Mark Aretz, said an extra 2,000 have been ordered to be sold before the second leg of the match.

This was a great PR stunt by the club’s marketing team, as they took advantage of a viral joke and profited from it. I’m sure the joke will be pretty much over in a matter of days so it was a great move by the club to latch onto it while they could.