Throughout each week the Pic PR team pic apart good and bad PR stunts that have recently taken place, and write a few thoughts. We also like to comment on other things happening in our world too. So have a read…

Kiwis bleedin' furious

Normally, when we look at PR campaigns and stunts in these blog posts we can sum up whether they are bad, as was the case in Jo’s blog yesterday on

Beach Body Issues

The struggle is real when it comes to watching those beach-body-ready Love Island contestants every night. How can those bodies possibly be real?! The


These YouTube stars have it tough, don’t they? You make a few videos, people watch them and suddenly you’ve got a following, which grows and grows, making

Making a splash

The World Cup only comes around once every four years, so you have to forgive us for writing another blog on the world’s biggest sporting event. In the

‘Hey, Alexa…’

Let’s be honest, the first six months of 2018 haven’t been the best for Amazon’s Alexa. From creepy chuckles to sending a private conversation to pals,