50 years of balls

04 September 2019 | Jo Doverman
When it comes to food, the Pic team are pretty damn obsessed. We love all kinds of dining from a casual work picnic to an indulgent meal at one of our Michelin Star hotel restaurants. If someone so much as whispers they’re thinking about getting a take away, before you know it the whole office is listing their top treats and texting their partners with dinner plans. The favourites in case you’re wondering include Wagamama, Pizza Express and, unfortunately, McDonald’s.

As a nation, I’m sure we all share a love of the slightly classier restaurant giant Pizza Express and in particular its dough balls. No visit to the Italian inspired chain would be complete without a delicious plate of fresh, hot balls of dough and the famous garlic butter dip. Well, did you know, the popular starter dish has been delighting our stomach for 50 years?! I didn’t even know Pizza Express was that old!

Taking inspiration from Willy Wonka and to celebrate the landmark anniversary, the restaurant has hidden 50 golden balls in top secret locations across the UK. The nationwide treasure hunt has already begun and runs until the end of September. Upon discovering one of the 50 golden balls, you will be awarded a £1,000 gift card to spend at the popular pizza chain.

The dough balls don’t exactly need a PR push, given their popularity, but it’s because they are the much-loved treat that this campaign is sure to succeed. Pizza Express has refused to share any hints or clues as to the whereabouts of the treasure but has listed the key locations you’re likely to discover the gold – London, Birmingham, Glasgow, Belfast, Manchester, Liverpool and Cardiff. If, like us, you don’t reside in any of the lucky cities then fear not! A number of the golden balls will also be hidden in Deliveroo orders – now all you’ll need to do is decipher whether your Deliveroo driver looks a bit shifty after stealing your golden ball for a feast of their own!

There’s a hashtag (of course there’s a hashtag) to follow for those wanting to keep an eye on the hunt. However, #HBDB isn’t the smartest hashtag known to man and I think our social team could have had a better crack at it, but we’ll let that slide. It seems to be a popular hashtag to wish anyone with the initials ‘db’ a happy birthday…

The lucky winners will either need a lot of hungry friends or a year’s worth of dinner plans in order to spend the grand. Either way, that’s a LOT of dough balls to consume and I for one would be very envious of the buttery, doughy goodness.