Throughout each week the Pic PR team pic apart good and bad PR stunts that have recently taken place, and write a few thoughts. We also like to comment on other things happening in our world too. So have a read…

Plastic-free packaging for McDonalds

Ahh, McDonalds. Who doesn’t love a Big Mac for a cheeky lunch or a midnight snack after a night out? It’s no secret that McDonald’s fast food isn’t

Orange, you glad?

Following the backlash of her controversial 2017 Pepsi advert, could Kendall Jenner be going to the dark side and one-upping the brand by turning to

Mexican wave goodbye

Attempting to catch the eye of your waiter to get the bill at the end of a meal can often be a frustrating task. The plates have been cleared but you

Terminator Takeaway

Who fancies having their Domino’s pizza delivered by a robot? It sounds pretty far-fetched...unless you’re from Houston, Texas. In which case you can

Where's the equality?

With the Women’s Football World Cup currently in full swing, there’s a lot of talk in the press about the equality for men and women. Do men’s football