Throughout each week the Pic PR team pic apart good and bad PR stunts that have recently taken place, and write a few thoughts. We also like to comment on other things happening in our world too. So have a read…

Are the children still in need?

Is it just me or is the hype around Children in Need this year missing? As I was driving into work this morning I heard an advert on the radio reminding

Attenborough Awe

This Sunday has seen another landslide of tweets and posts for the quite incredible Planet Earth II. Millions of viewers have tuned in to witness

Has John Lewis done it again?

As EVERYONE will now know (unless you’ve been hiding under the proverbial rock with a blindfold and ear plugs), the new John Lewis advert has

Festive False Start

The John Lewis Christmas advert has become such a festive staple that it’s eagerly anticipated by just about anyone who gets excited at the first glimpse

Pronunciation is key

This week I’m starting things off with a joke…  Q. What’s the fastest bun in the world? A. SCONE! Now this is a risky joke to write on a blog