Throughout each week the Pic PR team pic apart good and bad PR stunts that have recently taken place, and write a few thoughts. We also like to comment on other things happening in our world too. So have a read…

Turning things upside down

Yesterday marked International Women's Day (yes we’re still talking about it) and people far and wide were coming up with creative, inspirational ways in

Crocodile Rock?

So, I’m not sure Lacoste has sold one of their iconic crocodile logo’d tees since...maybe the 80s? However, this week they’ve come back into the fashion

Plastic Fantastic

This decade, there’s been a massive push towards reducing plastic waste. From some supermarkets stopping the sale of plastic bags, to being paid to

Creme crackers

So, apparently it turns out people have no life – if you hadn't already realised – and that a Tuesday night in the UK on Twitter can be completely turned

Bad Hair Day

Another week and another blog post reference to McDonald’s – maybe it’s because I’ve ‘gone vegan’ for Lent and am reading stories about the fast-food