100 Days of UKIP Rule

100 Days of UKIP Rule

16 February 2015 | Pic PR

Channel 4 are renowned for their fly on the wall documentary’s and risk taking programs however their newest offering seems rather sensational to say the least. On Monday the 16th February the network is set to air a spoof documentary examining UKIPs first 100 days in power after winning the general election. The program will see Nigel Farage become the prime minster with Ladbrokes offering 3/1 odds on actor Michael Sheen portraying the UKIP leader.

While we can mock the absurdity of this idea the poignant viewing begs us to ask the question, could this one-day become a reality? With the impending election only months away a recent Mirror poll put support for UKIP at 22.6%. According to an election aggregator this would give them 16 seats in parliament. This is quite a frightening prospect when you consider the headlines surrounding the controversial party at the moment.

So before the airing of this docu-drama lets consider, what does the future look like in a UKIP governed Britain? Just taking a quick look at their proposed policies and voting patterns sheds some harsh light.

  1. Goodbye to the EU- UKIP policies state that leaving the EU would return control back to Britain as borders could be managed and independent trade agreements could be established… sure sounds great but lets consider the consequences. If one of the major players leaves the great union then other countries may feel compelled to also defect. This offers up an array of potentially harmful eventualities. Europe could once again become an area of fractured neighbours who alone are highly threatened by larger powers (namely Russia). More importantly would this mean we wouldn’t be able to compete in Eurovision anymore? We might score more points if we didn’t actually.
  1. No Improved Safety Measures for those Pesky Cyclists! – UKIP voted against updated rules on cab designs and safety, which would make it easier for drivers of lorries to spot cyclists and pedestrians. This could have potentially improved current statistics for related accidents, thus encouraging more people to bike to work instead of driving.
  1. Bigotry would be the Norm- Farage’s right hand man Matthew Richardson recently defended a fellow UKIP election hopeful after he compared rapper Tinchy Stryder to a Freddo. Now for one thing, Freddo’s should never be used as a derogatory comment because lets face it, their amazing, and moreover the fact that this blatant racial discrimination was just laughed off is nothing short of appalling. Richardson even went on to state that there are many bigots in the UK and they to require government representation! Outrageous!
  1. Prisons would be Overrun- According to UKIP policy, prison places should be doubled to ensure that life sentenced criminals remain imprisoned for life. Capacity would also need to be increased to allow for the holding of asylum seekers in proposed ‘secure units’. While its all well and good making these suggestions the reality is that our prison services are already incredibly overstretched. To put this plan into practice would come at a huge cost, which inevitably will be passed on to the taxpayer. We will all end up having to beg, steal, lie and cheat in order to afford the changes UKIP wishes to make. Thank goodness for those extra prison places!
  1. Bring back Smoking Areas- So as the country has now fully come to terms with being smoke free and the amount of people taking up smoking has decreased dramatically UKIP want to throw away all this hard work and put smoking rooms back into pubs- seems clever doesn’t it?
  1. Ignore Climate Change- surely its just a myth anyway? The summers are getting warmer and the ice caps are melting but UKIP can assure you there is no need to worry. Instead they would like to banish the use of wind farms and go back to coal-fired power. Their policy also looks to stop funding to the UN’s climate change panel. Clearly their just after a healthy tan.

While I agree that Britain is far from perfect I refuse to accept the policies of the UKIP party as a sensible option to govern our country. With race rows, homophobic behaviour and calls for ostracization from the rest of the EU should we be giving this political voice any more publicity? It is my sincere hope that this Channel 4 program will act as a scare tactic, rather than a form of promotion, for anyone considering swapping sides and voting in favour of a UKIP rule.