The world is getting ever more digitalised, and our offering is all about driving traffic online – be that from PR activity, social posts, email outreach, video and more.

And whilst we’re good at driving traffic – we’re not the best at demonstrating the results of our activities.

To try and remedy that, we’re keen to bring on board an analytically minded number cruncher who can really help demonstrate our worth to clients.

Not only that, we’re looking for someone to enhance our capabilities – and point out the opportunities where we can tighten up processes and do more to improve performance.

So then, are you a digital whizz, adept at understanding the nuances of SEO and digital marketing?

If so, in a distorted parody of the words of the somewhat controversial Lord Kitchener, Pic PR needs you.

But what will I be up to, we hear you cry?

Well, you’ll be working closely with our account management team, who’ll be looking to get your input on client accounts, as well as involving you in the development and tracking of digital campaigns, as we seek to maximise the impact of our endeavours.

What do you need to be the right fit?

Primarily, you’ll need an understanding of key SEO tools such as Google Analytics, Semrush, Ahrefs, Google Search Console and so on, while Google my Business and local SEO nous would also be beneficial.

With an analytical brain, you’ll be having a look at the figures thrown up by said platforms and interpreting them in an actionable, meaningful way.

Not just sharing them with us internally, you’ll also be required to report on them to clients – showing them that, by golly, we’re making a difference.

So, what experience do we think could fit the bill?

A year or two of experience in the trade would be bang on, but even if you’re full of theory and keen to apply it in your first SEO/digital marketing role, we’d be happy to chat.

Here’s a bit more of an outline…

Day-to-day tasks will include:

  • Measuring activity and reporting on performance to clients, outlining how we’re achieving KPIs and delivering ROI.
  • Auditing websites to assess SEO performance and providing actionable advice on how to improve.
  • Working with the copy team to ensure we’re targeting appropriate keywords and delivering work that’s on point for SEO purposes.
  • Advising the PR team on beneficial publications to target to secure backlinks, as well as technical elements such as ideal anchor text and preferred pages to point to, to enhance SEO performance.Supporting the social team in evidencing website traffic and behaviours delivered by their activity.
  • Helping the account management team report back to the client in an intelligent, insightful way.

Desired Skills and Experience:

  • Experience in optimising on-page SEO. Getting websites right, basically.
  • Strong analytical skills and a data-centric mindset. A C3PO in human form ideally, but not as socially awkward.
  • A good working knowledge of the tools of your trade (Ahrefs, Semrush and the rest).
  • Creative thinker. We all get stuck into the mix when it comes to generating ideas and stunts for clients – so some original thinking goes a long way.
  • An interest in PR/Marketing in general. Believing in what we’re looking to evidence is always a bonus!
  • Polished and professional appearance. Ideally you won’t come to the office looking like a homeless Ian Beale poking his head around a tree.
  • Good presentation skills. This isn’t a reference to a PowerPoint wizard, so think presentation in general.
  • Ability to work well in a team. Seriously, we all get on, so no misanthropes please.
  • Calmness under pressure and ability to achieve tight deadlines. Running around yelling ‘Oh my god, it’s happening!’ in a crisis, just puts the rest of the team on edge.
  • Positive attitude. Whilst we love a bit of self-deprecation, please, no misery guts; we’re an upbeat bunch!
  • Fun and friendly demeanour *rolls eyes in fun and friendly way*
  • Finally…a good sense of humour. Yeah, we’re dead funny. So, you’d better be too.


If you think this sounds like the job for you then drop us a line via picme@picpr.com using the subject line ‘I’d like to apply for the role of CEO, sorry, SEO’ and let us see what you’ve got.


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