Senior Social Media Executive
Senior Social Media Executive

At Pic PR, we love a bit of social media, and we’re looking to recruit a Senior Social Media Executive who, ideally, loves it more than us.
For this to be you, you’ll need a genuine love for and interest in all things social, including up and coming platforms as well as existing forms of social media. A reluctant tweeter/Facebook phobe probably ain’t the one.
The successful applicant will work on a diverse range of clients across key sectors of care, hospitality, tech and more, assisting in the creation of comprehensive strategies to do this.
You’ll need to be well organised. A pretty standard inclusion of a job description, but we can’t stress this enough. Looking after a range of clients and accounts can be a tricky business, and you’ll need to be switched on and agile enough to keep on top of it all.
Above all, you’ll need to be able to write.
Writing is a big part of Pic PR – we’re not all air kisses and Ab Fab here, darling – so we’re looking for a serious literary talent. Or at least a fairly decent one.
To fit the bill, you’d ideally have a minimum of 2 years’ experience of managing social media accounts. But we’ll take a look at any social go-getter with plenty of vim and vigour, who’s keen to embark on their first venture into social media marketing. So do get in touch if, while lacking experience, you’re very much up for getting stuck in.

Dispensing with the preamble though, what does the role entail day-to-day?
At a basic level, it’s working in the 'Social' team, reporting to the management team and account management team. Pretty straightforward. But what does that involve? Well, general tasks will include the following:

  • Assisting in developing social media strategies for our clients. We’ve got plenty on the books, but we’re always hungry for more so this will be an ongoing process.
  • Creating content plans with a view to increasing brand awareness and engagement. Foresight rather than adhoc posts, preferably.
  • Writing social posts. Terrific tweets, inspirational instas, the lot.
  • Showcasing engaging multimedia content. It’s not all words these days – a picture tells a thousand words, while a video tells a lot more.
  • Hosting competitions and publishing campaigns. These play a big part for our hotel clients.
  • Understanding core social media channels. If a client has a question about a platform, more often than not, we’ll be asking you for the answer (or at least, some decent insight).
  • Helping to compile weekly and monthly social media reports for clients. It’s all about showing our worth.
  • Liaising with clients via telephone, email, Zoom and face-to-face. Being sociably social, basically
  • A passion (cliché bell, ding ding!) for our core sectors, particularly hospitality and care
  • A great writer with a love for crafting inspiring copy.
  • A creative thinker. We love a good PR stunt at Pic PR, and if you’ve got ideas a plenty, you’ll fit right in
  • An interest in PR/Marketing. Always good to actually like what you do
  • Polished and professional appearance. We don’t mean spit shine shoes here, but we do like you to at least brush your teeth. 
  • Calmness under pressure and ability to achieve tight deadlines. Running around yelling ‘Keep calm, Captain Mainwaring!’ in a crisis, just puts the rest of the team on edge
  • A real appetite for digital comms. Digital: it’s the future. We’ve tasted it
  • A positive attitude. Whilst we love a bit of self-deprecation, please, no misery guts; we’re an upbeat bunch!
  • Fun and friendly demeanour *rolls eyes in fun and friendly way*.
  • Finally, a good sense of humour. Yeah, we’re dead funny. So, you’d better be too.

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