Are you a savvy, silver-tongued, seller? Then you could be just the right person for a sales executive role here at Pic PR.

To fit the bill, you’d ideally have 1 to 2 years’ experience of working in a sales environment. However, experience isn’t essential – we’ll take a look at any go-getter with plenty of vim and vigour, who’s keen to embark on their first venture into sales.

Having a good understanding of agency life would certainly be useful (working in a marketing/PR agency before gets you plenty of extra points) as well as a good understanding of modern communications – if you’re still using a pager and pride yourself on being a dab hand with a fax machine then maybe this role isn’t for you.

Organisation is a big deal – you’ll need to keep on top of a fair whack. Being personable is essential (no Dick Dastardlys or Moaning Myrtles, please). As mentioned you’ve got to be savvy – having a blood hound-esque nose for a new biz opp, as well as a talent for generating and managing leads. The role is essentially that of Pic PR pioneer – driving the business forward, and taking us into new territory by winning new clients.


Day-to-day tasks will include:

  • Researching potential new biz opportunities.
  • Updating the agency's CRM system.
  • Contacting leads, and securing new business appointments.
  • Putting together proposals for prospective leads. You’ll be generating a TON of these (of course).
  • Hitting new business targets. Go get ‘em tiger.


Desired Skills and Experience:

  • An appetite for sales with experience in generating new business Experience in our core sectors (particularly hospitality and care).
  • Creative thinker. We all get stuck into the mix when it comes to generating ideas and stunts for clients – so some original thinking goes a long way.
  • An interest in PR/Marketing in general. Believing in what you’re selling is always a bonus!
  • Polished and professional appearance. We all follow haute couture in this office, so if you’re not down with Franck Sorbier…no. Just be presentable.
  • Good presentation skills. This isn’t a reference to a PowerPoint wizard, so think presentation in general.
  • Ability to work well in a team.
  • Calmness under pressure and ability to achieve tight deadlines. Running around yelling ‘Keep calm, Captain Mainwaring!’ in a crisis, just puts the rest of the team on edge.
  • A real appetite for digital comms. Digital: it’s the future. We’ve tasted it.
  • Positive attitude. Whilst we love a bit of self-deprecation, please, no misery guts; we’re an upbeat bunch!
  • Fun and friendly demeanour *rolls eyes in fun and friendly way*
  • Finally…a good sense of humour. Yeah, we’re dead funny. So, you’d better be too.


If you think this sounds like the job for you then drop us a line via picme@picpr.com using the subject line 'Super Savvy Sales Executive' and start selling yourself to us. 


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