PR Account Manager

So, here’s the deal. We’re looking for someone who works hard. Unsurprising really, considering this is a job description. I mean, we’d hardly be looking for some work-shy layabout now would we?

While we’re not averse to a bit of procrastination, we do need someone with a healthy dose of get up and go, charisma, energy or ‘joie de vivre’ as the Germans put it. Pic PR is built on enthusiasm.

Ideally, the ‘successful candidate’ (we’re dropping that in to make this a tad more serious, after all, it is a job description) should have at least 2-5 years’ experience of working in PR. And ideally bloody love it.

Preferably, you’ll also have an understanding of wider marketing, including video and social media.

As per the standard job requirement, you need to be well organised (you actually do) and personable (we really do want to like you) but above all, hold a true delight for creativity.

And you need to be able to write. Writing is a big part of our PR offering here (along with PR stunts/campaigns of course) – we’re not all air kisses and Ab Fab here, darling – so we’re looking for a serious creative literary talent. Or at least a fairly decent one.

Still reading? Good.

Let’s look at experience. What do you need? Agency experience would be ideal, with a few PR years under your belt. So, if you fancy pastures newer and greener, or you're looking for that next step in your PR career, then this role could be for you. But even if you don’t fit this profile, if you’re the type of character you think we’re after then we’d love to hear from you. Oh, and this role has huge potential for growth, leading into wider team management (quickly...if you’re good, of course).

Dispensing with the preamble then, what is this role I hear you say? At a basic level, it’s working in the 'PR' team, reporting to the senior management team and working with the account management team. Pretty straightforward. But what does that entail?

Well, day-to-day tasks will include the following:

  • Drafting and distributing press releases, expert articles and other media focused materials (as a PR, you’re an ‘expert’ in all manner of things)
  • Building and maintaining media lists and carrying out comprehensive media 'sell-ins' via phone and email. Having existing press contacts would be ideal here.
  • Liaising with journalists and clients re: potential media opportunities (This is where there might be some air kissing)
  • Using and managing the agency's PR software (Don’t worry, it’s not exactly the controls of an Airbus)
  • Organising media competitions, press stays, and setting up briefing opportunities (more air kissing here)
  • Weekly and monthly reporting (Some would call this evidence of the hard work that’s been mentioned)
  • Coming up with suitable PR angles and fleshing out creative campaigns (a bit more of the ol’ PR stunt thing we do)
  • Oh, and generating lots and lots of press coverage for our lovely clients, of course.

Desired Skills and Experience:

  • Good (we’d say excellent, but good we can work with) writing skills
  • PRs are generally a talkative bunch so the gift of the gab is a useful forte
  • A passion (cliché bell, ding ding!) for our core sectors, particularly hospitality and care
  • A creative thinker. We love a good PR stunt at Pic PR, and if you’ve got ideas aplenty, you’ll fit right in
  • An interest in PR/marketing (always good to actually like what you do).
  • Polished and professional appearance. We don’t mean spit shine shoes here, but we do mean not the Ian Beale sticking his head from behind a tree in a beanie hat look.
  • Good presentation skills. This isn’t a reference to a PowerPoint wizard, so think presentation in general
  • Ability to work well in a team. You’ll need to interact, so no mischief-makers, please
  • Calmness under pressure and ability to achieve tight deadlines. Running around yelling ‘Keep calm, Captain Mainwaring!’ in a crisis, just puts the rest of the team on edge
  • A real appetite for digital comms. Digital: it’s the future. We’ve tasted it
  • Positive attitude. Whilst we love a bit of self-deprecation, please, no misery guts; we’re an upbeat bunch!
  • Fun and friendly demeanour *rolls eyes in fun and friendly way*
  • Finally…a good sense of humour. Yeah, we’re dead funny. So, you’d better be too.

Sound good? Then fire us across your CV and a suitably witty covering letter to picme@picpr.com, putting ‘PR Account Manager’ in the subject header and we'll see if we like the cut of your jib.

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