We’re looking for an experienced Account Director, whose primary role is to run/direct client accounts, and manage the Pic teams – and this is generally done by making sure the tasks the clients want doing, get done.
To help get yourself into the spirit, picture yourself as a cheerful spider, perched at the centre of our web of services, monitoring the strands of work from the various Pic teams, covering PR, social, video, copy, design and various other ad hoc tasks.
Much like a spider pounces when a fly disturbs the web…that’ll be you going after the first hint of an unfinished task.
Arachnid chat aside though, you’ll be the main point of contact for clients, keeping them informed as to the work being done on their account.
Ideally, the successful candidate will have a strong understanding of press relations and digital PR. It helps to know just what we’re about as an agency, after all.
A key skill is managing expectations – don’t promise the world if we can’t deliver it, but also don’t undersell what we can do. You need to effectively negotiate with clients to solve problems and ensure deadlines are met.
So, what experience do you need? We’re keen to hear from an experienced senior account manager/director (ideally 10 years minimum in the trade), who’s looking to dazzle us with your marketing and organisational abilities.

Key tasks

  • Liaising with clients. Essentially, keeping them sweet.
  • Driving client campaigns. So managing strategy etc.
  • Managing the client workload of the assorted Pic teams.
  • Attributing tasks to those teams. A personal task planner, if you will.
  • Following up to check on their progress. Think of it as whip cracking with a smile.
  • Supporting the team in the creation and implementation of campaigns and press materials. You’ll be part of the planning stage – including creative input.
  • Weekly and monthly reporting. We like to show our clients that we’ve genuinely been doing work for them.

    Required Skills and Experience

  • Good understanding of Press Relations, digital PR, social and video
  • Ideally 10 years in the industry
  • Excellent Organisational skills

  • Desired Skills & Experience

  • Good Written Ability
  • Strong interest in our core sectors (hospitality, care and tech)
  • A creative thinker. We love a good PR stunt at Pic PR, and If you’ve got ideas aplenty, you’ll fit right in
  • An interest in PR. Always good to actually like what you do.
  • Polished and professional appearance. We don’t mean gleamingly polished shoes, but do we like them to have soles.
  • Good presentation skills. This isn’t a reference to a PowerPoint wizard, so think presentation in general.
  • Ability to work well in a team. You’ll be pulling the work of 5 separate teams together, so this is pretty essential.
  • Calmness under pressure and ability to achieve tight deadlines. Running around yelling ‘Keep calm, Captain Mainwaring!’ in a crisis, just puts the rest of the team on edge.
  • A real appetite for digital comms. Digital: it’s the future. We’ve tasted it.
  • Positive attitude. Whilst we love a bit of self-deprecation, please, no misery guts; we’re an upbeat bunch!
  • Fun and friendly demeanour rolls eyes in fun and friendly way.
  • Finally, a good sense of humour. Yeah, we’re dead funny. So, you’d better be too.


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