Vicky Hooley

Finance Manager

Vicky is our resident finance bod, keeping the sinews of war* going by making sure money goes where it needs to go, as well as making sure it comes from where it’s supposed to come from.

Having followed a career predominantly in marketing, Vicky knows how an agency runs and what we do, which certainly helps when it comes to chasing any tardy payers – as she knows our worth.

When she’s not hounding debtors or paying out expenses, Vicky is generally found outdoors, tending her menagerie of animals – which includes horses, a giant dog and some wild children (don’t worry, they are her children and not just some feral strays). A lover of the countryside, Vicky stays as far away from city living as possible, immersed in rural peace – hence why she enjoys our sedate, lakeside (OK, possibly a big pond) location.

*Or marketing in our case.

Favourite Pic Up Line (heard, but hopefully not used):

"Are you a bank loan? Because you have my interest…"



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