Natalie Whitmarsh

Copy Manager

Natalie is part of our illustrious copy team at Pic. An amateur enthusiast for many years, which saw her writing in her spare time alongside roles that included running kids’ clubs in France and Rhodes, Natalie subsequently looked to embrace a more permanent writing career and put her worldly wisdom to good use.

Applying for a job as digital content writer, Natalie suitably wowed us with her written ability and joined Pic full time – and now she churns out refined copy for a whole host of clients.

A Harry Potter obsessive, Natalie is also a fan of coffee, chocolate, gin and puppies (who isn’t!) and the abilities of Lin-Manuel Miranda. In her spare time, Natalie is also writing a book, which, rumour has it, is set to be about a gin soaked, chocolate-loving boy wizard and his puppy. But don’t necessarily hold us to that.

Favourite Pic Up Line (heard, but hopefully not used): 

"If I could rearrange the alphabet, I'd put U n I together ;)"



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