Mia Davis

Video Producer

One of our eminently capable Video Production Assistants, Mia first picked up a camera when she was 14 – doing little creative photoshoots and making short videos with friends for fun. Kickstarting a passion for the art, she abandoned plans to do A Levels, opting for media production at college instead in a bid to add an element of theory to her practical enthusiasm.

With the wheels of a career in video firmly in motion, Mia finished the course a year early to join Pic – after we recognised her considerable potential.

When not found in our studio doing a product shoot or editing, or out on the road on location with the rest of the video team, Mia is more often than not immersed in music. A fan of old school and indie music videos, upon finding an artist or music she loves, she’ll watch and analyse every single music video they’ve ever been in. A little bit obsessive, in truth.

A little-known fact is she’s actually a twin, born on Halloween. Sometimes she likes to come to work wearing witches’ clothing and carrying a black cat, just for the lols. Rumours that she uses flying unguent to head home via broomstick though, are, so far, without evidence.

Favourite Pic Up Line (heard, but hopefully not used):

“I'm a photographer – which means I can definitely picture is together."


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