Liam Gullis

PR Account Manager

A relative newcomer to the PR industry, Liam arrived at Pic via a geography degree at Loughborough University – which, with an ever-growing influence from sustainability on our clients, is a surprisingly useful discipline in a comms role.

Having envisioned a career in a classroom, wearing checked shirts and talking about oxbow lakes and soil erosion, he’s instead sat in our studio, wearing a checked shirt, and talking about carbon emissions and their impact on the ready meal market. So, not really that much different on reflection.

A keen footballer and craft beer enthusiast Liam certainly knows his porters from his stouts – as well as his antipodes from his archipelagos, of course.

Outside of the office Liam loves playing for any local football club that will have him, and is reported to have a first touch* that matches his considerable writing skills.

*Rumours that it’s heavier than Thor’s hammer are entirely unsubstantiated.

Favourite Pic Up Line (heard, but hopefully not used): 

“Kiss me if I’m wrong… dinosaurs still exist right?”



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