Jessica Richards

Marketing & Business Development Manager

Jess is our new biz whizz, tasked with generating new client leads and introducing the uninitiated to our range of services.

Having spent four years as an account manager at the Financial Times in Commercial Advertising (Data Publishing) Jess has a broad understanding of the media landscape and its value.

Alongside this, she benefits from a creative flair, which she displayed from a young age having been a performer and singer alongside her identical twin sister – a role she continues to this day as a part-time professional singer (Jess is happy to sing in any new biz meetings, FYI).

Having travelled around the world in her youth, Jess moved to London at just 19 (a sea change from her country bumpkin childhood in Cornwall and the Cotswolds), where she worked in Harrods as a restaurant and event team leader, before moving into a lettings role with Knight Frank. Eventually this evolved into a marketing role as her innate creativity came to the fore and it was from here that she was head hunted by the FT.

Having moved to Cheltenham during lockdown to be closer to her family though (especially her sister) Jess subsequently eyed up a more permanent move to the Cotswolds and joined Pic PR, neatly sidestepping the call back to the office from the FT and embracing semi-rural living full time.

A travel lover, Jess has collected tattoos like passport stamps in her time, usually getting a sentimental reminder of the places she’s visited, including bananas (Philippines), elephants (Thailand), turtles (Bali) and even a Cornish pasty (Cornwall, funnily enough). Rumour has it, if it’ll swing a new biz win our way, she’ll reveal the full collection – whilst singing of course.

Favourite pic up line (heard, but hopefully not used)

'I am going to complain to Spotify about you not being this week's hottest single!'


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