James Moody

Junior Designer

James ‘Mad Dog’ Moody is a junior designer here at Pic, tasked with creating eye-catching, sophisticated graphic design for a whole host of our clients.

The longstanding love for his field began at a young age when a Deadpool comic saw him enter an unhealthy spiral of comic book purchases, a desire which, seven years on, he’s only just keeping at bay.

Much of his (spare) time during school was spent drawing comic characters, whilst Air Hostess by Busted blared out on repeat. And it’s pretty much the same in his spare time now, albeit with a Corona* in hand, and a few design related qualifications under his belt – including an accolade where he was lauded as ‘most progressed’ student.

An up and coming designer extraordinaire of the future, he’s Moody by name only.

*The beer, not the virus (now he’s old enough to drink!).

Favourite Pic Up Line (heard, but hopefully not used):

"You’re kerning me on."


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