Jack Rothwell

Marketing Executive

Jack is our new biz wiz, tasked with hunting down potential clients and introducing them to our offering.

Having worked in Sir Richard Branson's Ulusaba Game Reserve for a two-month internship (dealing with some high-profile guests in that time) and at the Dormy House Hotel, he’s had a taste of the hospitality high life. But, with a desire to explore marketing as a career path, he saw the opportunity to put his hospitality background into a practical application whilst still exploring new career horizons – and that’s what saw him join us here at Pic.

Outside of work he’s a massive Manchester United fan (yeah, he never brings that into work, obvs, as why would you at the moment?! *chortles in Liverpool fan*) and also loves spending time with his French Bulldog, Louis, who has a delightful mix of Gallic charm when being good and Gallic indifference (to instructions) when being naughty. Relentlessly positive, Jack brings a welcome dose of youthful exuberance to our new biz team.

Favourite Pic Up Line (heard, but hopefully not used):

"Do you like raisins? How about a date?"


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