Harvey Turner

Senior Social Media Executive

Joining Pic with more than seven years’ experience in social media, Harvey has dabbled across all sorts of industries in that time including automotive, pet care, health care, cutlery, silverware and car repair.

Given that, if a dog, driving a car, while undergoing a health emergency following an accident with a silver dessert spoon ever breaks down on the side of the road, Harvey is your man to Tweet/Xeet about it.

All jokes aside, his experience covers both organic and paid social media, and he’s worked both in-house and agency-side having jumped straight into the fires of a marketing career post-A-Levels. Now though, he’s long in the tooth when it comes to the socials, hence the senior tag.

Known as ‘Harvey Two Drinks’ due to an irrational fear of using trays when it comes to the office drinks round, outside of work, Harvey is a Manchester United fan (which suits our CEO, David), has a couple of cats, Gizmo and Charlie, and has a penchant for Escape Rooms, being a problem solver extraordinaire.

Favourite Pic Up Line (heard, but hopefully not used):

Your eyes are like Ikea: easy to get lost in.


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