Chris Ilston

Design Manager

Chris is our visual virtuoso, putting his designer’s eye (and abilities) to whatever creative idea we have in mind, bringing it all to life.
As well as working on our creative campaign work, he also builds key client branding assets, from social posts to websites, brochures to advertising; delivering professional, eye-catching design that resonates.
And his eye for an image stretches beyond design, with a background in video production and a love of photography, Chris is almost the full ticket when it comes to making things look good.
Prior to working at Pic, Chris worked on a freelance basis for the bulk of his career, delivering a wide variety of design work for a wide variety of clients. And not just client gigs – Chris has an entrepreneurial spirit and has launched all sorts of business endeavours over the years.
One of his key side hustles is in the roller skating and fitness industry, where, on the surface he comes across as Newent’s answer to Tony Hawk, but in reality he confesses to not having skated since he was a child. Smoke and mirrors etc. Some say he should work in PR.
In his spare time, when he’s not building businesses and hustling, Chris likes to be down in Devon checking out the surf or cracking on with a DIY project. Although, we hasten to add – not at the same time. Using a power drill on a surfboard is never recommended.

Favourite Pic Up Line (heard, but hopefully not used):

"We should go out for coffee sometime. Because I like you a latte."


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