Benjamin Dryburgh

Video Editor

Benjamin is one of our video editors here at Pic, tasked with ensuring the footage captured by our video team out on the road looks suitably slick and jazzy when it comes to post-production (whilst also ticking off our clients’ requirements, of course).

His cultured eye for a nicely edited video stems from a passion inspired by a top-notch teacher at school, who opened him up to the possibilities on offer. With the flames well and truly kindled by some excellent teaching, he studied Film and Television at Solent University, which furnished him with some tip-top technical abilities, before he joined a video agency post uni to get some much-needed time in the trenches to add practice to his theory. And after a stint developing his skills in the field, he then joined Pic full time, slotting in seamlessly (a transition very much helped by him baking us Rocky Road in readiness for his first day).

In his spare time, Benjamin is a veritable one-man orchestra, playing the clarinet and the piano (and we’re sure he’s good at the kazoo and the maracas too if looking to create that true ensemble). A Benjamin, not a Ben, the video team have opted to call him ‘Jam’, which is purely down to being able to say lines such as “Is Jam in?”* of a morning to get a musical reference in early doors.

Alongside the above, he loves gaming, cooking, making cocktails, and drinking Fanta. Rumour has it his Fanta-based cocktails are superb.

*PS. “How does Bob Marley like his doughnuts? Wi’ jam in” for some classic dad joke stuff.

Favourite Pic Up Line (heard, but hopefully not used):

"Were you forged in the fires of Mount Doom? Because you're precious to me."


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