Andy Curtis

Video Producer

A passionate content creator, it’s something Andy set his heart on ever since college. With a role as a camera operator transitioning to sound engineer, before going back full circle to encompass slick editing and visual creation, he's now the full ticket when it comes to video production.

And a decade after his college dreams began, here he is at Pic PR living that very dream and creating cracking content for our clients, a task which calls on all of his multifaceted skill set.

Andy’s skill set isn’t just confined to video though, with his working life seeing him dabble in work as diverse as barman, postman, delivery driver and live events technician. So, it’s fair to say, when it comes to logistics, Andy’s an expert – with rumours abounding that he’s able to deliver pints straight through your letterbox, all on Facebook Live.

A man of many talents, he was known as ‘Andy of all Trades’ at his previous job, but at Pic we simply call him ‘Andy who delivers pints through letterboxes on Facebook Live’, or, you know, Andy, for short.

When he’s not wowing the masses with his logistic capabilities on social media, he’s watching football (an Arsenal fan), gaming, running or surfing. We don’t like to speculate, but we did read on Gloucestershire Live that someone was once spotted surfing the Severn bore, wearing an Arsenal shirt and playing FIFA on a Nintendo Switch whilst doing the running man. But, surely that wasn’t Andy too?

We’re sure we’ll get it out of him one day if it was.

Favourite Pic Up Line (heard, but hopefully not used):

I should complain to Spotify because how are you not this week's hottest single?


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