Amy Mansfield

Digital PR Account Executive

Amy is our resident lawyer (and crime expert tbf), having initially done a degree in Law and Criminology at Cardiff University.

But, after considering her options, Amy realised, “You know what, I’m actually pretty creative, I don’t want to be buried in statutes and tangled in case notes.”

So, doing a bit of a 360, she changed career tack entirely, dabbling in digital marketing through a couple of internships. Following that, with her taste in the field firmly established, she’s come on board at Pic full time, where she puts her sharp, incisive legal mind to good use by cutting to the chase with our PR – while adding a creative flourish, of course.

Oh, and we also use her as our legal attack dog, using her nous for the law to chase late paying clients.*

Outside of work, she’s a keen traveller and explorer, spending a lot of her social time visiting her university friends who are scattered about the country. This means she’s never in one place for long – despite having a new puppy, Hugo, who loves to go visiting with her.

In the office, she’s known as Amy V**. Not because her middle name is Violet, or because of a keen interest in Agincourt and the Hundred Years’ War, but because she’s the fifth Amy to join the team in recent months, so yeah, the V is actually ‘the fifth’ and we’re just being pretentious.

*We jest, of course. None of our clients ever pay late. Ever.

**Or Manners, Manny, The Field, The Manster, The Manstinator (still not 100% defined, tbh). 

Favourite Pic Up Line (heard, but hopefully not used):


"I hope you know CPR, because you just took my breath away!"

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